Sunshine Coast Shuttle Services

We can shuttle guests to just about any location on the upper Sunshine Coast that is reasonably accessible by 4x4 vehicles. Group sizes may vary from a single passenger up to a maximum of 6 passengers per vehicle.

Sunshine Coast Resupply Services

Lighten your load and let SCS resupply you on one of the many access points along the Sunshine Coast Trail.

SCS can securely hold any equipment/food/drink you wish and drop them off at a remote location of your choosing. Powell River’s local farms have amazing seasonal selections that can be included.

Sunshine Coast Shuttle Rates


  • Paved Roads / $50 per 30min (+ $10 per additional person)
  • Logging Roads / $50 per 20 min (+ $10 per additional person)

Sunshine Coast Outdoor Outfitting

Sunshine Coast Shuttle can outfit most equipment needs that arise, and will pick up just about any items to include in your resupply. Whether you need a new tent pole, forgot a hatchet, found a hole in your sleeping bag or need a fresh tarp, we have you covered.

Remote Catering

Remote bbq/cookouts are available for those who want a hot meal without having to pack around food/equipment/garbage.

While selection can be seasonal, we do our best to take advantage of Powell River’s local agriculture and fishing industries as frequently as possible. From prawns to fish to mushrooms, carrots and corn, the Sunshine Coast community offers some of the finest fresh food on the planet. We can’t wait to share it with you.

If you are looking for an effortless feast of local yields or want to create a night to remember, call us at 604-483-6374 today and we can set it all up for you.

Filming at a remote location? Let us cater to your teams nutritional needs.